Verso delivers a progressive assessment system that first and foremost supports continuous improvement in student learning. The variety of assessments used to measure student growth and achievement enable the school to build a detailed learning profile for each student. This information is consistently used by students and teachers to fine-tune the curriculum, celebrate achievement, and identify areas for growth.


We value reflecting and celebrating student learning.

At VERSO, feedback and reflection happens constantly. Through regular sharing of student learning, we celebrate diverse ways of learning and give learners an opportunity to demonstrate learning.
Students demonstrate and share their learning through regular public exhibitions and showcase events.
VERSO values the curation and celebration of student work with specially designed gallery and exhibition spaces throughout the campus.


We value empowering students to lead their learning.

Each of our learners navigate their own learning through an interactive and digital Course Compass platform. Students are offered multiple paths to set and achieve their goals and can track their own progress over time. This gives learners the confidence to make choices and map their own learning, both within and outside school walls. Parents can access and support their child’s learning journey through the course compass.